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Corso di Laurea Triennale in Progettazione e Gestione di Eventi e Imprese dell'Arte e dello Spettacolo


Internships delegate

Professor Francesca Simoncini

Internships completed by Pro.Ge.A.S. students


Methods for assessing other required skills and internship outcomes

For workshop activities and internships, credits are earned through a certification that does not involve a final grade, even when students take a final exam. Exam committees will be appointed according to the procedures set forth in ART. 19 of the University Regulations and shall be composed of at least two members.


Information on internships


Internship office - Prato University Centre (PIN)

Pro.Ge.A.S. students who intend to do an internship can arrange an appointment with the internship office to receive guidance and advice on internship offers.

Curricular internship procedures

How to find a company or organisation to do an internship
Companies and organisations available to host students internships can be found in the Unifi database:
By subscribing to the degree course mailing list, students can receive other specific offers related to internships. 
If a student wishes to do their internship in a specific company or organisation of their choosing, they can ask the internship office for an agreement, with the authorization of the university tutor.

Confirmation of the internship
Once the student and the company have agreed on the internship, the student needs a confirmation from the office.
They must send an email to the Internship Office ( and put the company on the cc list), asking for confirmation of the internship, stating Name and Surname, Degree Course, student ID number, name of the company (as in the Unifi database).
The student will then receive an email with confirmation and will be allowed to fill the internship plan document.

Starting the internship
The student shall fill the internship plan online, print two copies and have them signed by the company representative and the university tutor; these documents must be sent to the Internship Office five days before starting the internship at most.
The Internship Office will notify the company, the employment office and INAIL, as well as union representatives.
The internship will officially start after this step.
During the internship, students will have to note down the hours spent on the internship register, which can be downloaded from Prato University Centre website.

Conclusion of the internship
After having completed the internship, students must speak to the university tutor about their experience. Internships cannot be considered completed until all the evaluation questionnaires (student, university tutor, company tutor) have been filled in online. After filling in the questionnaire, the company tutor can write the final report of the internship. Finally, students must submit the certificate of completion of the internship (Form F) and the Internship Diary to the internship office within one month, in order to proceed with registration.

For further information, please contact the Internship Office of Prato University Centre    
Tel. +39 (0574) 602513 - Fax +39 (0574) 602540 - andrea.deliguori(at)



Internships completed by Pro.Ge.A.S. students

The internship is the culminating academic exercise and the first contact with the professional environment. Internships must be approved by the internship delegate Dr Francesca Simoncini (; internships connect external companies with the university; they stimulate a positive relationship between the students and the companies; they help students get into important companies; they assist students in the production process of a company (festivals, exhibitions, events). Internships can be undertaken from the second year.

These internships bear relevance to the subject of study. Since the academic year 2001-2002, Pro.Ge.A.S. students have undertaken 1035 internships in the national entertainment industry. They have carried out internships at festivals, artistic directions, marketing offices, press offices, administrative offices of cultural institutions and associations, theaters, museums, and opera houses, as well as cultural associations and cultural offices of local authorities.

last update: 30-Apr-2021
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