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Corso di Laurea Triennale in Progettazione e Gestione di Eventi e Imprese dell'Arte e dello Spettacolo

Rules and Regulations

Organization of the degree course


Rules and regulations of the degree course


Study plan


How to submit your study plan

Without prejudice to Art. 16 of Rules and Regulations of the University, students must submit their study plan at the beginning of their second academic year, and no later than 31st December every year.
Students who need to make changes to their study plan (submitted in previous academic years) must write a new study plan to replace the old one by the same date. The study plan must include, in both cases, the subjects already completed and the subjects the students plan to study in the future. Students must fill their study plan online, whether it is their first study plan or whether they are making changes to the previous one, here Study plan submission. Students must also ensure that the study plan submitted has been approved by the Degree Programme Board.

To learn more about study plans (deadlines, submission, approval, changes, etc.) contact the School of Humanities and Education Office [see]


Rules and regulations of the University

Rules and regulations of the University

last update: 10-May-2021
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